In 2022 our event center Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens started hosting a happy hour each Tuesday with live music, a food truck, and cash bar. It was a resounding hit with our local community, and musicians like Maddie made all the difference in creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere! We were recommended to reach out to Maddie by a family friend and are so happy that we did! Maddie is young but that doesn’t mean that she is not a seasoned professional! It was evident by her performance and stage presence that this was not her first rodeo. She engages perfectly with the audience, has fun renditions of popular songs, and is just overall a pleasure to watch and listen to! You will not regret having Maddie perform for you – definitely a 10/10 choice! ” - Erin Hegedus

— Leopold's Mississippi Gardens

Setup Materials Needed

Access to Power. That's it!

Maddie's instrumentation is guitar and vocals, so her setup only includes an acoustic guitar and a microphone. She uses the Bose S1 Portable PA system. Her setup takes up less than 3 square feet of space. She also has access to connect her audio to the venue's PA system, just be sure to specify ahead of time so she can bring the neccesary cables.

Press photos